Completed Projects

  • Equipment grant to purchase a server, a colored A3 printer, a projector, a projector screen, and a flip chart stand

  • Small Scale Crop Mapping using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning” consultancy report presented to the Kenya Space Agency (KSA)
    Description (Picture will be sent later)
    Kenya continues to depend on large-scale agricultural production as one of the country’s main economic pillars. However, the continuous subdivision of the once large-scale agricultural farms has led the stakeholders to shift and now focus on the small-scale agricultural farms. Mapping of these small-scale farms for monitoring and management has however been hindered by various factors chief among them being the costs involved. Advancements in earth observation (EO) and technology though have provided low-cost means to mapping of these small-scale farms. The small-scale crop mapping project, employing Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) techniques, thus utilized AI/ML and EO techniques to develop mobile and web application tools for monitoring and managing the small-scale farms in Muringato catchment, Nyeri, Kenya. The mobile and web application were presented to Kenya space agency who funded the project.

  • Muringato basin abstraction survey consultancy with DeKUTES” consultancy report presented to the Muringato Water Resources Users Association.
    Due to the ravaging climate change and receding surface water resources, many people have abstracted water from streams for sustenance. Many abstractions are illegal and do not comply with water acts set within their jurisdiction, affecting the quality and quantity of many rivers globally. The Muringato river catchment faces these challenges that necessitated an abstraction survey to establish the level of compliance of the water users within the sub-catchment under section 36 of the Water Act (2016) required to obtain water permits. The survey characterised all known water abstraction, impoundment and diversion points within the catchment using abstraction survey tools developed by Water Resource Authority (WRA) in December 2021. Under the guidance of the Muringato Water Resource User Association (WRUA), 29 groundwater and 64 surface water abstraction points were collected. The abstraction methods included furrows, hydram, electric water pumps, and weirs. The survey established that only 8% of the abstractors had permits and authorisation from WRA. It was, however, impossible to establish whether the authorised abstractors adhered to the set volumes of abstraction due to faulty meter gauges and a lack of set standards for the conditions of monitoring and storage.