Dr. Mark K. Boitt

Designation: Senior Lecturer
School/Institute: IGGReS
Email: mark.boitt@dkut.ac.ke

Academic Background

Qualification Institution Year
PhD. (Remote Sensing) University of helsiniki / JKUAT 2016
MSc. (Photogrammetry and Geoinformatics) University of Applied Sciences – Stuttgart, Germany 2010
BSc. (Surveying) University of Nairobi 2008

Professional Qualifications

Qualification Institution Year
Full Member (Engineering Surveying Chapter) Institution of Surveyors of Kenya (ISK) 2017
Member (NEMA Lead expert) Environment Institute of Kenya (EIK) 2017

Areas of Expertise

  • Land and Engineering Surveying
  • Photogrammetry and Lidar mapping
  • Hyperspectral Remote Sensing and Applications
  • Environmental Impact Assessment & Audits
  • GIS Spatial Analysis and Modelling
  • Climate change studies

Work Experience

  • Senior lecturer – DeKUT
  • Lecturer – JKUAT
  • Surveyor – City Council of Nairobi
  • Engineering Surveyor – Ramani Geosystems Ltd
  • GIS Expert – Geomaps International Ltd

Other University and National Responsibilities

  • Director – Centre of Spatial Information Sciences and Systems (CSISS)
  • IGGReS Postgraduate coordinator

PhD Thesis 2016

  • Boitt, M.K. (2016). Hyperspectral remote sensing for cropland assessment and modeling for Agro-ecological zones: A case study of Taita Hills,Kenya. Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology.

i) Books and Book Chapters
ii) Peer Reviewed Journal Publications
  • Kipkulei, H. K., Bellingrath-Kimura, S. D., Lana, M., Ghazaryan, G., Baatz, R., Boitt, M., … & Sieber, S. (2022). Assessment of Maize Yield Response to Agricultural Management Strategies Using the DSSAT–CERES-Maize Model in Trans Nzoia County in Kenya. International Journal of Plant Production, 16(4), 557-577.
  • Kipkulei, H. K., Bellingrath-Kimura, S. D., Lana, M., Ghazaryan, G., Boitt, M., & Sieber, S. (2022). Modelling cropland expansion and its drivers in Trans Nzoia County, Kenya. Modeling Earth Systems and Environment, 8(4), 5761-5778.
  • Zhao, H., Zhong, Y., Wang, X., Hu, X., Luo, C., Boitt, M., … & Pellikka, P. (2022). Mapping the distribution of invasive tree species using deep one-class classification in the tropical montane landscape of Kenya. ISPRS Journal of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing, 187, 328-344.
  • Boitt, M., & Gathoni, J. (2022). Geo-Hazard Susceptibility Assessment and Its Impacts on Livelihoods in Kerio Valley, Kenya. International Journal of Geosciences, 13(3), 199-243.
  • Boitt, M. K., & Suleiman, M. K. (2021). Mapping of Freshwater Snails’ Habitat—A Source of Transmitting Bilharzia in Mwea Sub-County, Kenya. Journal of Geoscience and Environment Protection, 9(10), 130-150.
  • Boitt, M. K., & Aete, E. O. (2021). Identification and Mapping of Essential Fish Habitats Using Remote Sensing and GIS on Lake Victoria, Kenya. Journal of Geoscience and Environment Protection, 9(10), 91-109.
  • Omondi, E., & Boitt, M. (2020). Modeling the Spatial Distribution of Soil Heavy Metals Using Random Forest Model—A Case Study of Nairobi and Thirirka Rivers’ Confluence. Journal of Geographic Information System, 12(06), 597.
  • Maina, V. M., & Boitt, M. K. (2020). Impacts of Land Cover Changes on Soil Erosion for Agricultural Sustainability in Maragua Sub-Watershed: Case Study in Murang’a County, Kenya. Journal of Agricultural Informatics (ISSN 2061-862X), 11(2), 12-21.
  • Boitt, M., & Bebeto, N. (2020). Morphometric and change detection analysis for prioritization of sub basin conservation, case study of Taita Hills. International Journal of Geosciences, 11(10), 591.
  • Boitt, M. K., Oburo, A. O. & Kipkulei H.K. (2020). Assessment of Soil Erosion and Climate Variability on Kerio Valley Basin, Kenya. Journal of Geoscience and Environment Protection,
  • Boitt, M. K., & Said, A. O. (2019). Geospatial Assessment for Sustainable Management of Mangroves in Kilifi Creek, Kenya. Journal of Geoscience and Environment Protection, 7(07), 1.
  • Mwangi, T. S., Waithaka, H., & Boitt, M. (2018). Ecological Niche Modeling of Zebra Species within Laikipia County, Kenya. Journal of Geoscience and Environment Protection, 6(04), 264.
  • Boitt, M. K., Langat, F. C., & Kapoi, J. K. (2018). Geospatial agro-climatic characterization for assessment of potential agricultural areas in Somalia, Africa. Journal of Agricultural Informatics (ISSN 2061-862X), 9(3), 18-35.
  • Mwaniki, M. W., Kuria, D. N., Boitt, M. K., & Ngigi, T. G. (2017). Image enhancements of Landsat 8 (OLI) and SAR data for preliminary landslide identification and mapping applied to the central region of Kenya. Geomorphology, 282, 162-175.
  • Mutua, C., & Boitt, M. (2017). Suitability Analysis of Water Pan Sites for Pastoralists: A Case Study of Kajiado County in Kenya.
  • Boitt, M. K., & Odima, P. A. (2017). Assessment of Desertification Dynamics in Machakos County, Kenya. Universal Journal of Geoscience, 5(2), 40-43.
  • Dorcas Kanana Mungai, Mark Kipkurwa Boitt., ’’Impacts of Land Use Dynamics on Agricultural Activities, A case study of Miiriga Mieru East Sub County, Kenya’’ . International Journal of Engineering Sciences and Research Technology 5, no. 10 (2016) 537-546.
  • Jeremiah Waswa, Andrew Imwati, Mark K. Boitt., ’’ GIS in Analysis of Potential Sites for Ecotourism – A Case Study of Kwale County, Kenya. IOSR Journal of Environmental Science, Toxicology and Food Technology (IOSR-JESTFT) 10, no. 10, (2016) 43-49
  • Boitt, Mark Kipkurwa. “Impacts of Mau Forest Catchment on the Great Rift Valley Lakes in Kenya.” Journal of Geoscience and Environment Protection 4, no. 05 (2016): 137.
  • Francis Oduori Mulefu, Felix Nzive Mutua , Mark kipkurwa Boitt., ’’Malaria Risk and Vulnerability Assessment GIS Approach.Case Study of Busia County, Kenya’’. IOSR Journal of Environmental Science, Toxicology and Food Technology (IOSR-JESTFT) 10, no. 5 (2016) 104-112
  • Chrisphine, Ouko M., Odhiambo A. Maryanne, and Boitt K. Mark. “Assessment of Hydrological Impacts of Mau Forest, Kenya.” Hydrology: Current Research 2016 (2016).
  • Boitt, M.K., Mundia, C.N., Pellikka, P.K.E., Kapoi, J.K. (2015). Land suitability assessment for effective crop production, a case study of Taita Hills, Kenya. Journal of Agricultural Informatics 6(2), pp. 23–31.
  • Boitt, M.K., Ndegwa, C.N., Pellikka, P. (2014). Modelling the Impacts of Climate Change on Agro-Ecological Zones –a Case Study of Taita Hills, Kenya. Universal Journal of Geoscience 2(6), pp. 172–179.
  • Boitt, M., Takala, T., Pellikka, P., Ndegwa, C. (2014). Spectral variability analysis for crop species identification using hyperspectral data – A case study of Taita hills, Kenya. Submitted to the EARSeL workshop proceedings.
  • Boitt, M.K., Ndegwa, C., Pellikka, P. (2014). Using Hyperspectral Data to Identify Crops in a Cultivated Landscape – A Case Study of Taita Hills, Kenya. Journal of Earth Science & Climatic Change 5(9), pp. 1–4.

iii) Publications in conference proceedings

  • GIS SYMPOSIUM: Supporting Water Service Provision and Water Resources Management through Utilization of GIS and Earth Observation Technologies” JUNE 2021, Kenya Water Institute (KEWI)- Nairobi.
  • AFERIA workshop on climate change and adaptation (Nov 2017), ILRI campus, Addis Ababa – Ethiopia.
  • InterGEO conference and Exhibitions on Geospatial Technologies for Development (September 2017), Berlin – Germany
  • AfricaGIS 2013 and Geospatial Data  Infrastructure 14; Global Geospatial Conference 2013 in UNECA Conference Center, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia; November 4-8, 2013.
  • 10th ISPRS (International Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing) Student Consortium & WG VI/5 Summer School 25th October – 2nd November 2013 at the UN Economic Commission for Africa HQ in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.
  • Innovations for advancement of humanity , 29th to 31st May 2013 at Eldoret Polytechnic, Kenya. Proceedings available on  ISBN: 978-9966-1566 -2-4
  • 8th EARSeL imaging spectroscopy workshop, 8th -10th April 2013, Nantes, France. “Spectral variability analysis for crop identification using hyperspectral data. A case study of the Taita Hills, Kenya” by Boitt, M.
  • Applied Geoinformation for Society and Environent Conference. August 2011, JKUAT – Kenya: Application of the Terrestrial Laser Scanning System for Mining in East Africa. http://www.applied-geoinformatics.org/index.php/agse/agse2011/paper/view/317
  • ATSED 2011 conference, May 2011 – Eldoret Polytechnic, Kenya: Pedestrian Navigation in Urban Environments

Awards, Scholarships  and Recognitions

  • CHIESA scholarship – Ministry of foreign Affairs – Finland 2013-2016
  • DAAD scholarship – Germany – 2008-2010

Other Academic and Professional Achievements

  • External Examiner – Taita Taveta University – School of Informatics and Mathematics


  • Impacts of rising water on Livelihoods in the Great Rift Valley Lakes – Personal contribution.

Postgraduate Thesis Supervision and Examination
i) Doctorate

  • Harison Kipkulei – Ongoing – Liebniz (Germany)
  • Eric Luvaga – Ongoing – University of Embu
  • Caroline Gikwa – Ongoing – DeKUT
  • Umikhaltuma Mohammed – ongoing – DeKUT

ii) Masters

  • Omar Said – Stuttgart University of Applied Sciences – Finalized
  • Evans Omondi – JKUAT – Finalized
  • Vrginia Mwangi – JKUAT – Finalized
  • Teddy Mwangi – JKUAT – Finalized
  • Dorcas Kanana – JKUAT – Finalized
  • Christine Mutua – JKUAT – Finanlized
  • Faith Kandie – DeKUT – Ongoing
  • Beatrice Moinge – DeKUT – Ongoing
  • Rebbecca Mwaniga – DeKUT – Ongoing
  • Reuben Kariuki – DeKUT – ongoing
  • Pacaline Jerono – DeKUT – Ongoing
  • Brenda Jemutai – DeKUT – Ongoing
  • Kesiah Onyango – DeKUT – Ongoing

Affiliation/Membership to Professional Bodies

  • ISK
  • EIK