Bachelor of Science in Geomatics Engineering and Geospatial Information Systems

The Programme

Geomatics is the field of activity that integrates the acquisition, processing, analysis, display and management of spatial information. The programme is designed to train students who can embark upon successful careers in areas at the forefront of earth sciences and engineering, whether in industry, research or academia. During their training, students will learn the fundamental knowledge and essential skills that will allow them to continue to grow throughout their careers top converter online.

The programme emphasizes a fundamental approach to earth science, surveying, Geoinformatics and information technological aspect in which students become skilled to an extent that they can clearly define problems and then bring their knowledge of the fundamental principles and techniques to design and implement optimal solutions.

Goal of the Programme

The Bachelor of Science in Geomatics Engineering and Geospatial Information Systems is designed to provide the country and region with high-level manpower in land surveying, earth sciences, resource management, geo-information technology and research in a broad range of policy and decision making. This program is aimed at developing multidisciplinary students who have up-to-date knowledge in their fields, and who also understand the linkage among geomatics, geoinformatics, environmental sciences, industry and business. The programme imparts the student with comprehensive knowledge and skills in geomatics and geospatial information systems. In addition, graduates of this programme may seek registration as professional surveyors if they opt to practice as land surveyors.

Entry Requirements.

  1. KCSE applicants:  In the individual cluster subjects, a candidate must have at least the scores given below:

Cluster subjects

Mathematics          C+                   Mathematics       C+ Physics         C+                   Physical Sciences     B          Geography          C                    


Any group II, III, IV or          Biological Sciences Subject      C+
Group V Subject       C+                   

  • Diploma applicants: A candidate must be a holder of a KNEC diploma in land surveying, geomatics, cartography, photogrammetry, remote sensing, or equivalent programme with at least a credit and one who had direct qualification for admission into the diploma programme.

Mode of Study: Full Time

Duration: 5 years

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